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Forum Rules

Welcome to the Urban chickens Forums

When you register, an email is sent immediately (it should get to you within a second or two). If you don't get it, the odds are your junk mail filter has trapped it - so have a look in your junk mail folder. You need this email to click on the link in it, to complete the registration process (this is to verify your email address). You are only permitted one account per person.


1. Language. You must agree to keep your temper cool and your language suitable for a general readership (from young child to OAP). So no swearing, and no trying to get around the swear filter. The reason for this is to keep the forum a usable and pleasant place for the older generations.

2. Be polite. Under no circumstances will personal insults nor impolite comments nor antagonistic remarks be tolerated.

3. Nothing personal. When you have a clash of opinion, make sure you argue the point, and never make the argument in any way personal.

4. Signatures must not contain Linking to similar forums, or commercial websites . If you link another competing forum or you link is deemed as advertising your link will be removed and you will be warned.

5. Nothing illegal. No illegal stuff please.

6. Graphics. Please limit avatars to small, non animated pictures, which are non-offensive.

7. Commercial. All selling is to be done in the For Sale and Wanted forum and is subject to the trading rules. You may not sell stuff or link to for sale stuff in your signature.

8. PMs. Although the above rules are for public posts, it is not permitted to send a PM that may cause significant offence to the recipient. It is the responsibility of the sender to gauge what "significant offence" may be, but it normally includes personal attacks combined with use of poor language. The recipent of such a PM would have to forward it to a moderator to have any action taken.

9. In the live chat area all "chat" must be social and not asking questions about what you need. This is what the forums are for

10. If any posts  are seen as breking our advertising rules or you are advertising without permission you may be warned or even banned. If you are unsure please contact a member of the team

11. When selling in our shop system you are not allowed to sell any illegal materials or anything of a pornographic nature. Anything we see as not fit to sell will be removed. Please contact a member of staff if you are not sure before listing.
Stuff to do if you've just registered:

*Go to your control panel, and enter your details breeds info, location and so on....
*Post a hello in the introduce yourself forum
*Enjoy the site!