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throwing up chicken

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novice chicken

novice chicken


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Help!  my chicken is full of liquid, she threw up, then our neigbour turned her upside down and a load of liquid came out, shes off colour, could this be sourcrop. Shes about 6 years old and an ex free range farmed chicken, shes always been well and has about an acre to roam in. Shes been a bit off colour and not laying, have checked and no eggs are stuck. That was yesterday, today a load more liquid came out of her, her crop isnt swollen and feels smaller than the other chickens and I smelt her breath and it just smelt chickeny. Any thoughts or ideas?



chicken mum

chicken mum

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I think if it was sour crop it would really smell. She may have something compacted in her crop though. I believe that if you give her some olive oil and gently massage her crop it might be worth a try. Then gently turn her and see if anything other than liquid comes out.



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As said its not likely to be sour crop. Has she eaten something different/strange? Has she eaten or had any water? Could you try gentle dripping some water into her beak and seeing if she can swallow. Then see if she manages to keep it down.

Its also possible that she has unfortunately developed a tumour which is causing a blockage, as at 6 years of age she is an old bird.

Have they been wormed recently with Flubenvet?

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