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swollen wattle

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Came out this morning to Shadow Banty our bantam australorp cockerel and thought some thing not right but not sure what.  It then dawned on me that one of his wattles was swollen, it was the size of a walnut! I thought it may have been an ear infection so off to our local vets.  After seeing a vet of which had never treated a chicken before!  and conferring with his colleague they have checked for ear infection No. He then checked his throat, No. They have put it down to on the most likely side that he has hit the wattle hard and it has a large blood clot which will disperse on its own. the other side of the coin is that it could be a tumor, but being that it has only been there less than 24hrs this is less likely.  He then said that no drugs are licenced to be used on chickens but he will give him an anti inflammatory injection which if he is ok after 1 month then he has survived the injection?!  but if puss starts to come from the wattle or ear after another 2-3 days i have to bring him back for  some antibiotics.  At £34.64 at time not sure if i would take him back?



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Quite alot of drugs are not licensed for chickens, so the vet has to advise you that he is prescribing with your knowledge of that fact. It is highly likely that it is just a clot following a bump or one of his ladies "having a go" at him! I hope it all turns out well for him.

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